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438 Roosevelt Way

Masters of the Universe, whip out your checkbooks. 438 Roosevelt Way is on the market for $2,995,000 making it the most expensive two-bedroom (plus media room) house in San Francisco. Three stories over a three-car garage set into a hillside row of discreet stucco houses from the 1920's. Probably didn't have an architect as much as a wish list. Elevator. Steel and glass staircase and catwalk, perfect for go-go dancers, and although the glass steps have been thoughtfully sandblasted for modesty, this living room is screaming for a disco ball. or a Conga Line. The green stucco exterior's not as harsh in person as in photos, the Araucaria araucana tree out front is spectacular, and so are the views.
· 438 Roosevelt Way [Joel Goodrich]