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The Merest Trickle of Yogurt

The impending Honeydoo Center for Yogurt Consumption at Green & Grant in North Beach. Photo Credit: Surafel Tsega

Every now and again someone asks us if the yogurt wars in LA, so ably chronicled by our cohorts down there, will spread to San Francisco. Just the other day we found the photo above in our inbox from a reader in LA. He was worried about us.

Answer? Probably not. San Francisco's supervisors, in a brief moment of sanity, passed a law in 2004 defining retail outlets having more than eleven stores elsewhere as "formula retail" and subjecting them to stricter review by the Planning Commission:

Lawrence B. Badiner, assistant director of San Francisco's planning commission, explains that a few proposed Starbucks cafes had been rejected by the commission. He says: 'The predominant view in most parts of the city is, we've got enough; if we want to go to Starbucks we know where to find one.So our thinking is one Something-Berry at Stonestown and a Honeydoo ("incredible new yogurt sensation!") above in North Beach and even a possibly-Pinkberry at Westfield is not going to bury us in faux-froghurt. And if we really want to go to Pinkberry, we know where to find one. In Los Angeles.
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