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Bird's Eye Views

[Panorama detail, credit: Brad Templeton]

Our friend Todd Lappin at Telstar Logistics takes us to the top of the Bay Bridge via Unaesthetic:

I wish I could say it were unauthorized because that has been a dream of mine for many years, but unfortunately after 9/11 you just can't do that sort of sh*t and come out unscathed. My first choice was the Golden Gate Bridge of course but this one was just fine by me... I work for a company who does wireless networks and IP camera systems. We had some equipment up there that wasn't working properly and when the opportunity arose in talking to them I basically made it absolutely clear that I would definitely have to go up there to fix it.As a further treat, Todd offers an immense panorama from his friend Brad Templeton:Back in 1971, my friend, photographer Bruce Steinberg, was doing a photo book on the bay bridge crews and went up there. At the top he shot a series of overlapping photos, long before stitched panorama techniques where developed. I scanned his moldy old slides and was able to assemble a panorama. This panorama can be seen here.It's an incredible panorama of long-gone San Francisco- no Sutro Tower, no One Ricon Hill, barely any Transamerica Tower, and there was still a Hills Brothers Coffee next to the Embarcadero Freeway. Thanks Todd!
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