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Open House Report: Drunks, Chandeliers & Fixers

1420 Douglass Street: Very up-to-the minute renovation of a boxy 60's house. We like the uniformity of the detail, more dark wood than you can shake a stick at. Does not appear to be especially child-friendly- the kind of decor that little hand-prints are the enemy of. Plus we know our intoxicated friends will go crashing through the glass stair rail with disconcerting regularity. Ouch. For the neat, the childless and the well-behaved. Open 1-4 on Sunday 07/22. $1,695,000.00
· 1420 Douglass Street [Paragon RE via MLS]

11 San Andreas Way: No problem we think, buying a house on a street named after a faultline. Especially not this 1932 Masten & Hurd francophone cottage in St. Francis Wood. Slate-roofed. Thomas Church garden. Very comme il faut. OK, ugly 70's kitchen and regrettable bathrooms; otherwise, totally swell. Open Sunday 2-4 $2,200,000.00
· 11 San Andreas Way [Barbara Callan, Mcguire RE]

56 Sotelo Avenue: We're looking forward to seeing this total fixer in Forest Hill, and we'll be sad if it gets tarted up and staged before we get in. Late 30's, hip-roofed, vaguely French on the outside and equally vaguely, Monterey Colonial in the inside. Big house set back on it's lot with an intriguing lower level. Once you get the asbestos out. Open Sunday 1-4 $1,599,000.00
· 56 Sotelo Avenue [Frank Howard Allen via MLS]