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The Rental Index

[Credit: Cost-of-Rent heatmap from CraigstatsSF]

Take one slightly bored former code-writer, mix in a miserable apartment search, and what do you get? CraigstatsSF from Ethan Garner:

This site presents summary data from an ongoing database of the rental market in San Francisco... allows us to display the cost of renting on a per neighborhood basis, or in binned 1/2 mile intervals... database is gleaned soley from, and has been storing all of the San Francisco craigslist rental listings since August of 2006... graphs and plots within are updated nightly, save the heatmaps, which will be updated monthly. As the database expands, we hope to show changes in the rental rates and net turnover over time. In fact, we secretly hope large quake so that we can see a very rapid fall in the prices displayed on these maps, correlated to the liquifaction potential.Heatmaps. Graphs. Bliss. Hours of fun.
· CraigstatsSF [Craigstats]