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MAC: En Las Barricadas

After five hours of testimony, the Board of Supervisors decided to postpone any action on plans to build condos and a Walgreens at 3400 Cesar Chavez. The usual suspects: The Mission Anti-Displacement Coalition is appealing approval of the project in favor of full low-income housing and a day- labor center. Land-use and development activist Sue Hestor tried to wrestle the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) to the ground and give it powers over social and economic issues in addition to environmental ones. Tom Ammiano asked probing questions of Planning Department staff, who of course never have the right answers. The site itself (above) is bleakly charmless. Last week MAC members, using bolt-cutters, got through the fence and tried to set up a tent city on the site. It's been a whole week of MAC activity there.

The condo design, like the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Coalition project across the street? Meh. Just more of the pastel Faudobe crap that blights the commercial landscape of California between San Francisco and San Diego. We have a moratorium on demolition. Can we please have one on stucco? Build anything you want. Just stop with the fucking stucco.
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