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Mid-Century: Mauve

56 Clarendon Avenue: Mid-century, needs work, But then anyone born in 1947 probably could use some touch-up. Ok, this needs more than a little work. The owners made some regrettable decorating choices. Wood panelling. Mexican terracotta flooring, a traditional country kitchen, all contained in a slightly cartoonish mauve modernist stucco. We know not who to blame for the purple leather sofas, but the room behind that long strip of window over the garage is after the jump. Aside from all that, a great site with incredible views, $2,999,000.00. Clarendon Heights has its share of over the-top-modernists. Along with some Monterey Colonials, Spanish and Hollywood Regency. There's even a chalet- very Heidi. Worth a little detour on the way to Twin Peaks, it always reminds us of Beverly Hills with better fog.
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