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Go, Adam!

[Image Credit: CRAK! Offset Lithograph, 1964, by Roy Lichtenstein. Private Collection]

Nice piece in today' s Chronicle on Socketsite, the other San Francisco real estate blog not written by realtors. Adam deserves a lot of credit- blogging just looks easy. He's spent time and energy establishing his voice and expertise, and the investment shows. We read it everyday. And Adam's way cuter than the picture they used. Curbed SF got mentioned too, and a number of realtors were quoted. Seems they have mixed feelings about blogs:

But the free-flowing critiques of price points and brochure language do sting... "They track (new condo developments), they trash them, they compliment them," said Mitch Laufer, director of marketing at Vanguard Properties. Laufer said the Lambourne, a new condo complex on Nob Hill, was cited for its tiny kitchens... We say 'petite'...We say deal with it. Pacific Union top producer Dona Crowder was quoted, too:A lot of people don't understand what we doIt's true. And whose fault is that? Consumers want transparency, and better choices of services. Some realtors are worth more than six percent- looking at the art and antiques market they're woefully underpaid- but if they're intent on remaining gatekeepers, they're bound to generate a certain amount of animosity. And the relentless, positive spin of the the NAR is just going to come back and kick them in the teeth: we've noticed that one realtor-about-town has dropped her "TIC's are the road to wealth" schtick.
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