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Strife North of The Panhandle

In what's shaping up to be a town vs. gown conflict, K-8 Division, the San Francisco Day School wants to expand, and the neighbors aren't having it:

SFDS used to be a mortuary – we actually liked it that wayComplaints about obnoxious parents, noise, traffic, obnoxious parents driving their kids to school, too many students, plans to enlarge the student population, none of the students living in the neighborhood. Seems like the planning's been going on since '05 and school's raised the money to do it. A joint committee has been formed to iron out some issues, and one hopes both sides will play well together. Conflicts include demolishing a Victorian (for the children!) and new underground parking, plus the usual light, air, and congestion problems that arise when you insert a 21st century school building into a 19th century neighborhood. And in case you're wondering, tuition for the 2006-2007 school year was $19,990.00. Does not include lunch.
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