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The Catch: No Chopin Mazurkas before 9AM

Welcome to our inaugural The Catch, an idea we swiped from Curbed LA and lifted from The Mothership. The Catch features everything-looks-good-except listings. Your nominees to

What/Where: $450 for a furnished bedroom in a one-bedroom apartment in Corte Madera, shared with a mother and daughter. No guests. Cheap!
Looks Good, Right?: Near 101, but condo is on the quiet side of the building.
The Catch: They're pretty upfront about it- the leaseholder is a piano teacher and your room is shared with a grand piano. And presumably, her students. Plus they have a license to operate a child care facility in the living room, Which means you have to be fingerprinted. Then more specifically, no male guests. And no "models" or film directors from Belgium, either.
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