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Open House Report: Art Deco

No matter how you feel about the choice of colors, 99 Ord Street is a charmingly over-the-top application of Art Deco elements, maybe a little Aztec here and some Mayan over there, but overall, very original. And while it's too modest to be by San Francisco's premier Art Deco architect Timothy Pflueger, who's buildings include the Medical-Dental Building at 450 Sutter and the Paramount Theater in Oakland, the decorative elements might be from an associate on those projects. At some point a previous owner replaced the original windows with double-glazed anodized aluminum ones, no doubt making the interior quieter and easier to live in, but a jarring contrast to the subtle details on the rest of the house. The paint job is suspect as well, possibly an interpretation from the 70's, taking cues from Art Deco interiors rather than exteriors. Awesome garage door surround, ziggarut ceiling in the foyer. Legal one bedroom unit on the ground floor. On the edge of the Castro and at the bottom of Corona Heights, corner of 17th Street. Open Sunday 6/24 from 2-4PM. $1,595,000. As per Property Shark, the current owners paid $1,475,000 in 2005.
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