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Is that an oculus or are you just happy to see me?

[Photo credit: Metroactive 2000]

New on the market this week: 610 Rhode Island Avenue. They're calling it The Kronos House , originally built by cellist and Kronos Quartet veteran Jean Jeanrenaud and her husband, electronic musician Peter Gleeson. It's described as a three bedroom house, but two of the bedrooms were originally conceived as studios for the pair. The third (and original) bedroom is a balcony over the living room, and the open bath also overlooks the living room from an opposite balcony. Which is either cool or completely ridiculous. Better description by Cory Feldman, including:

...extraordinary house appears in The Joy Luck Club, in which Lena's mother laments that while the home cost a million dollars, the walls are still crooked.In asphalt tile and cement block, from the end of the PoMo period, when everybody from Philip Johnson to Richard Meier was breaking down scale with window openings and giving their clients an oculus. One of those rare opportunities to buy and live in architecture in San Francisco: $2.3M.
· 610 Rhode Island Avenue [Gregg Lynn/Sothebys]
· Once You Go Black [Cory Feldman/Metroactive]
· Oculus [Wikipedia] [Corrective: We inadvertently edited out the name of the architect of 610 Rhode Island, Daniel Solomon]