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17th & Clayton

[Photo Credit: The Front Steps]

From the re-invented real estate blog (we've already forgotten what it used to be called) now called The Front Steps comes news and pics of what's happening in the formerly-empty lot at Clayton and 17th Street. Condos! Shocking. Four four-story townhouses with big bays hanging over 17th Street, possibly giving views downhill to the Bay, and top floor terraces facing south. From the framing they'll probably lay out with garage/services on the ground floor, two bedrooms and bath on two, living spaces on three with high ceilings, master bedroom and bath with terrace on four. Elevators? Looks quite smart. Who's the architect?

The Front Steps looks to be a blog worth watching, with a roster of real estate professionals contributing on an ad hoc basis. Welcome to the blogosphere!
· 17th & Clayton [The Front Steps]