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Make That a Grande Plutonium Latte. Please.

[Treasure Island Master Plan image from SOM]

We were perusing the comments section in Socketsite's coverage of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill's new plan for Treasure Island and came across this. Someone's always got to be the party-pooper, but it explained the vast green "Great Park" at the top of SOM's map of the project, above. There's a somewhat more upbeat assessment of the project here, which details ideas for controlling wind with wind farms and the use of geothermal heat, cheerily avoiding the magic cocktail of nuclear waste and rising sea levels altogether:

...socially and economically diverse and supported by close-knit neighborhoods, unprecedented open space, resource-conserving technology and a robust network of transportation choices. Envisioned as both a great place to live and a regional destination, the plan proposes three compact neighborhoods centered around an energizing, mixed-use hub and ferry terminal set within a richly faceted 275-acre Great Park...All assuming the term "energizing hub" means there will be a Starbucks.
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