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Public Service Announcement: Watch Your Stuff

[Angelica Huston in Stephen Frear's The Grifters. Photo Credit: IMDb]

We've been hearing rumors about a pair of grifters- sadly, not John Cusack and Angelica Houston- victimizing real estate agents in the East Bay. A reversal of fortune, perhaps, or a cruel cosmic trick. Karma or not, this couple, posing as mother and son, have shown up at open houses, split up, and while one talks about an all-cash sale, the other walks off with wallets, cellphones and who knows what else. From a realtor friend:

The suspects descriptions are: MALE - 25 to 35 years old, 5'7", 130-150 lbs, Slight build, pointy chin; hole in left ear or grommet earring; Clean cut, well dressed; Has used names of Paul Chapman or Paul McClung. FEMALE - 50 to 60 years old; Slender build; Short, dark black hair; Uneven, 'smokers' teeth; May have small dog on leash.Really, no one should have to put up with this shit. Making a living is hard enough.
· The Grifters [IMDb]