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This Old Church

In 1997, the PBS classic This Old House found itself in San Francisco looking for a project after their first choice fell through. They had originally rejected the church on Danvers as "too funky"- it clearly didn't fit into their notion of what a house should be. As the show wore on, Norm & company seemed more inclined to see its value, although still puzzled by its unorthodox details. Details like a rolling ladder and commercial hardware in the kitchen or the marble walls in the bath salvaged from the Chevron Building really threw them (the DVD sadly, has not been released.) Those still-stylish details plus a serious home-theater upgrade are back on the market at $1,980,000. Floor plans after the jump.
· The San Francisco House [This Old House]
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· 220 Danvers Street [Mark Etter/C21 Hartford]

Floorplans courtesy of Chambers and Chambers Architecture and Interior Design, Mill Valley, CA via This Old House