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Dogpatch: Homes on Esprit Park

The South Court at Homes on Esprit Park

We got a glimpse of the updated plans and finishes for the Homes on Esprit Park. Although the developers caution that the designs are continually evolving, there are new finishes and views on the website. A redevelopment of the old Esprit headquarters in Dogpatch and incorporates masonry elements of the old buildings, formerly warehouses. Expected restaurant tenant to be related to A16, but the whole neighborhood is perking up. Rumors still in the air about Joe and Mary Manzare of Globe opening a restaurant nearby designed by Stanley Saitowitz. For now there's always Piccino, although we're sad that Jamie has moved to New York where he bought a falafel stand on First Avenue and 7th Street to do Blue Bottle coffee and dough nuts.

Reservations for friends and family (for condos, not dough nuts) tentatively set for late summer early fall. The units themselves are simple, open spaces, and their interlocking organization with other units make for a complex relationship and varied facades. Some sweet-looking penthouses. Looking over the plans, there seems to be a remarkable shortage of elevators, and for some units, a hike once you get off it. Does not bode well for dragging home that case of pinot noir, unless of course everyone gets little red wagons to haul stuff from their cars. After the jump, some floor plan porn.
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