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Is that a can of spray paint, or are you just happy to see me?

[Photo Credit: violet blue via Metroblogging]

An amazingly large and well-executed tag went up in The Haight, apparently on Friday night, at the site of the now-closed Gap store. Usually, we hate this stuff. Tagging is a petty urban crime, poorly executed, a tacky form of vandalism, driven by testosterone-laden gang members. Or gang wannabees. This one's another whole thing, conjuring reminiscences of entire New York City subway cars covered with massive graphics, and one clearly put up by a skilled gang of painters (and the building's owner is required by the city to remove it.) It brings up two issues: sad to see such a spectacular bit of guerilla urban art be painted over, and where were the police on Friday night? Did not a single black & white drive down Haight Street that night?
· Massive Tag in the Upper Haignt [Metroblogging]