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A Summer of Bids and Balls

This cottage sold for $51K over asking, and the new owners couldn't be happier.

Pre-emptive or multiple? Both. As one realtor told us yesterday, it's all about the bid. There are enough buyers in San Francisco to risk underpricing your property with the expectation that the low price itself will attract multiple offers. One reason there hasn't been a Price Chopper post on Curbed SF lately (it just looks like laziness.) The same realtor said that their private sales were increasing- there is enough demand that properties are prepped to go but never make it their website, like 2511 Steiner, which had gone to contract before the broker's open house. So while all over America this summer auctioneers are getting ready to sell off foreclosed properties to the highest bidder, it's the realtors who are doing it in San Francisco. Greed just isn't working anymore- it takes balls to sell a house.

3070 Pacific Avenue: asked $4,995,000, closed escrow yesterday for $6,600,000. No comment. Literally, read the bottom line.

The adorable 276B Granada went for $51K over its asking price, and after six years of trying to buy a house, the girls who bought are thrilled.

Sadly, 785 Cole has not sold. Got off to a rough start by not being actually for sale, or maybe it was. Still, a nice house and neighborhood, will a price chop restart some interest? Or just go with Craigslist.
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