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Honey, I Knocked the House Down

149 Mangels: We commented on this house last November when it was the least-expensive single family house then on the market at $399K. A few weeks later it sold for $529K. Despite being something of a hazard- the original listing was more like a "keep out" sign- it was still something of a bargain. Yesterday the house fell downhill about thirty feet while the new owner was trying to put in a new foundation, sliding diagonally into the house to it's east and the landscaped stair/pocket park down to Joost on the west. Fortunately the owner and dog were saved, uninjured. We're speculating that once the neighbor's house has been stabilized, fines paid and the wreckage removed, the owner should be able to clear at least $600K from the sale of his newly vacant lot. There was a gaggle of realtors seen chatting, slightly uphill from the site.
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After the jump, Curbed SF's team of crack photojournalists document the aftermath.