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More Palms

Remember The Palm Broker? An empty lot on Guerrero Street in the Mission landscaped with the best palms ever? The owners, Flora Grubb and Saul Nachman, had the foresight to find a bigger empty lot on Jerrold Avenue in Bayview well before the had to leave the Mission. And two years later, they open Flora Grubb Gardens, transforming an empty industrial site with solar panels and passive solar structures, re-cycled barn siding and decomposed granite to absorb rainwater runoff. They've had a soft open for the past two weeks, with a grand opening planned for May 12. More great plants, in a green structure by Boor Bridges Architecture. Pots, furnishings, books plus a cafe by Ritual Coffee. Outstanding construction values, GC was Matarozzi Pelsinger.

Half a block from Third Street Light Rail. Worth a visit just for the building and coffee, Flora Grubb Gardens will become a poster child for any number of agendas, including who are these white people and what are they doing in my neighborhood?
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