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So Wrong It's Gotta Be Right

[Site at Market & 10th for pre-shrunk condos]

Square footage rears it's ugly head again, this time on ABC7. In San Francisco, Michael Finney points out, "every inch counts." Seems like a no-brainer to us. You bought a condo. It is what it is. You did not wash it on HOT and leave it in the dryer on too long.

The problem arises in linking value to square footage- a fool's errand. Unlike some other measurements, there's no standard measurement code for developers, realtors, appraisers or sellers. If square footage matters, the time to argue about it is before escrow closes. And as more condos become available, some buyers may have the intestinal fortitude to go into the escrow process and then come up with their own square footage to bring the price down. With a crowbar.
· Some Area Homes Have Wrong Measurements [ABC Local]