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Granite: So Last Century

[With abject apologies to Shirley Bassey and the entire James Bond franchise]

An article in today's Chronicle Home and Garden section about kitchen design. From the point of view of serious cooks, or the fleece-and-natural-fiber demographic, rather than the McMansion crowd. Small manageable work areas recommended. In one case, a small kitchen for small dinners around the corner from a bigger one for parties. Yes, in the same house. Not surprisingly, not much granite anywhere:

Granite is for tombstones!
With some of the designers preferring resin-based composition products or down-home butcher block, not to mention that granite has started moving down-market. Granite is the developer's choice because it's cheap. It's everywhere, skipping hand-in-hand with stainless steel appliances. Most of the stone in kitchens comes from India and China, where it can be cheaply quarried, shipped on huge container ships, then processed and finished here. No mention of cement or Vetrazzo.
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