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McMansion Alert: Old School

Looks like a perfect day for McMansions with photoshopped skies. This one (having appeared previously on Socketsite) an old-school example of the genre, been built in 1927. In addition to the McMansion-regulation spiral staircase in a tower, the house has two pointless flights of steps up to the front door, probably designed to discourage door-to-door salesmen plus intimidate guests and in-laws. Discreet back entrance next to the garage permits friends and family effortless access. Oddly, no easy way from the garage to the kitchen, or from the kitchen to the family room, and enough interior doors for some really satisfying slamming. Kitchen seems well-thought out and finished and not extravagant enough for people to snicker behind your back. For $4,285,000, no surface left untouched. Click through to awesome floor plans for hours of PDF fun. In Monterey Heights. Open Sunday May 27, 2-4PM to see for yourself.
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