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Have License, Will Lease

We had no idea how valuable a real estate broker's license could be- here's someone on Craigslist looking to lease one:

If you have a Real Estate Broker License , but not using. We need to lease for our Corporate location. Also, looking for 100 individual real estate sales agents with or without licence, high commission. Experienced or without experience, we'll train. You can work where you live, we can give you all the tools you need to make as much as commission you ever wanted, depend on you. How good you are? Please response to this ads, if you have a business mind and willing to work hard, and make a lots of money.The beauty part is that if you're an licensed (or better yet, unlicensed, realtor) there's a job for you in San Jose. Next up: Driver's License for Hire.
· Real Estate Broker License for hire (san jose downtown) [Craigslist]