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Holy Batman!

Not as narrow as it looks, 25 Cadell Place (above, shown almost life-size) is embedded in Telegraph Hill a few yards from Grant Avenue, at the end of a driveway at the end of an alley. Two vacant mid-century flats, 1 bed/1 bath each, fireplaces and fire escapes. Best thing? The garage has a turntable meaning you don't have to back out. Just push a button and watch your car (or your date) rotate into position. Hours of fun. Easily worth a million, making the rest of the house seem slightly overpriced.$1,168,000.00, 24 days on the market. Aerial view after the jump.
· 25 Cadell Place [Paul Y. Sheng via MLS]
Bigger than it looks, 25 Cadell Place is the big squarish roof in the center; the fire escape is barely visible heading down into the alley.

[Image credit: Windows Local Live]