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My Eyes! My Eyes!

Slow week blog-wise, although not realtor-wise. 60 Minutes' Leslie Stahl's report on commissions and Redfin's business model is still burning realtor's eyes. Four days later, it's in the top three of the most viewed/emailed list on the 60 Minutes website.

Socketsite reports that a house in the Sunset, underpriced as per the current selling strategy, had fifty-one offers. We call bullshit, since realtors learned long ago that spin is not a felony. Not like anyone's going to audit them. Across most of the country, auctions are increasing as a means of moving foreclosed properties. In San Francisco, properties are sold daily in de facto auctions managed by listing brokers. Not unlike the way literary agents sell books to publishing houses, just without the paperback and film rights. So far.

Meanwhile, browsing through the Sotheby's site for real estate porn, what should pop up but 2430 Scott Street. The decor is rated tepid (the window treatments made us gag) but the renovation and floor plans could brighten anyone's day. Pentroom (above) and roof deck. Plus they tucked a hot tub into a corner out of the way of prying eyes, $3,995,000. Seriously nice house, as per usual more info via the MLS, so we direct you there.
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After the jump: floor plan porn!