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Flap Jacks, Sea Salt Caramel, Golf in Hayes Valley

Hayes Valley Pancake Alert: With Range Rover and potted shrubs, Stacks, the famous and slightly swank Burlingame iteration of IHOP is opening on the corner of Hayes and Octavia. For now we can only look longingly. Opening on Tuesday, May 15.

Not Just Eye Candy: A few years ago, Miette was selling exquisite cakes from a card table at the old Farmer's Market at Union and Embarcadero. Now they have a patisserie in the Ferry Building, and a few months ago Caitlin Williams and Meg Ray opened Confiserie Miette on the park at the end of Octavia. It's become the place for little girl's birthday parties and the benefit circuit's party favors. Classic stuff, the famous Miette cupcakes, plus local, handmade treats like Kate Amitin's sea salt caramels. Cleverly, it's now the venue for special orders from the bakery. No more trying to park in front of the Ferry Building.

Hayes Valley PGA: Opening Saturday May 12, miniature golf by artists. Someone give us more on this, please?