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Supes Vote. Developers Yawn. Everybody Wins

"Skippy" cartouche from a Hayes Valley sidewalk, creator unknown

Via SF Condo news from The Chronicle that the Supes have closed a loophole in SoMa zoning that allows small studio apartments. After the Loma Prieta earthquake the zoning change was made to replace light industrial with affordable housing for low income residents. But that was in 1989, and now suddenly, developers are taking notice. From Chris Daly, the key phrase in the article seems to be:

The legislation wasn't resisted by developerswhich can only mean there's not enough upside yet. The article does not mention minimum square feet, but each unit is supposed to some with a bath and kitchen, and it was considered an upgrade from the SRO's that were lost in the quake. From Jim Meko, chair of the Western SoMa Citizens' Planning Task Force:It was never anticipated that a market-rate developer would use the changes in the planning code; this was always meant to be low- income housingDuh. Remember when all those lofts were supposed to be artist's housing. Mr Meko, who is rumored to have political ambitions, is also the man trying to stop the Hole in the Wall Saloon from relocating a few hundred feet from its current location. Envisioning a SoMa only for the clean-and-sober poor in teensy-tiny apartments.
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