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Price Choppers! The Mediteranneans

Down and Out: seems like only yesterday that 65 St.Germain went into escrow and we'd never have to mention it again. But into our emailbox comes these four fateful, somber words: withdrawn from the market. After almost a year and $3M in price reductions, no problem. It's a good time of year for Resurrections. Someone's pulling their hair out. We on the other hand, are all all ears.
· Where Are They Now? [Curbed SF]

Down 30K: very much south, both down-market and down-slope, 212 Miguel Street finally closed at $710K.

According to Propertyshark the sellers paid $740K a year ago for this mini-mediterannean, but hey, even the public records can be wrong. Whatever the price, it's still hard to swallow three rooms over a garage in Glen Park for over $700K. No matter how many nails you pound into our feet.
· 211 Miguel [Curbed SF]
· 211 Miguel [Propertyshark]