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New Lows in Marketing

It's for sale, but not on the market was the terminology that confounded us in an email last week. Perhaps it's like being pregnant and not wanting anyone to know it except those special girlfriends who are cool enough to come to the shower. Probably means no open houses, either. Maybe they're just not putting it on the MLS. Not staged. We're game, but next time, make it worth our while with a decent web presence. And bother to put the floor plans online.

Nice enough middle-class Edwardian in Cole Valley from 1902 (Victoria died in January, 1901- after that, it's Edwardian.) An enviably subtle interior makeover by Jensen-Macy. The street face is not so subtle; points off for a stripped-down, frosty white paint job over stucco and aluminum details. Perhaps earlier details were erased in a previous incarnation, but every time we walk past this house to the N the urge to paint it magenta or cerulean blue washes over us. Beautiful kitchen and deck and one of those master suites where the boundaries between bed and bath have been broken down and the tub is in the bedroom. It's all very nice and $2,000,000.00. Should sell within minutes, like another J-M project, 3032 Divisadero a while back.
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