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I Have a Goose and I Vote

Apparently, San Francisco and the Bay Area is twice as good to animals as any other large city, according to the Humane Society's Humane Index.

Neatly skirting the hot-button issues ranging from meat-as-murder, foie gras production and leash laws, Mayor Newsom concentrates on the Pet aspect:

This is a wonderful honor that I proudly accept on behalf of all the pet and animal lovers living in San Francisco... pets play a significant role in the culture and social landscape of our city. There is an undeniable love and respect for our pets that often gives them equal status as a beloved member of the family. From pet-friendly hotels to world-class veterinary facilities, we are a compassionate city dedicated to the humane treatment of animals and take great pride in being the best place in the country to live for animals and animal lovers alike While San Franciscans do have a remarkably low incidence of hunting and keep more chickens in their yards, this award's not really about pets. And of course there's our connection to Farmer's Markets and the local sustainable restaurant culture: more vegan/vegetarian restaurants per capita. And ten fur shops. But who's counting. Foie gras-wise, if you really want to have an effect on production, think linkage. Geese and ducks may be force-fed to expand their livers, but those livers are a small side business compared to the real money in feathers. Want to save a goose liver? Boycott goose and duck feather products. They're not like cows which are kept artificially pregnant to produce milk for a few years and then become burgers and sofas and more cattle feed.
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