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Upper Haight

Hey Neighbor: the good neighbor policy continues at the CCSF Waller Street campus in the former De Avila elementary school. Staff uses the extra-wide sidewalk as their personal parking lot, while across the Panhandle, the CCSF lot on Masonic and Hayes is half-full (or half-empty?) and students and faculty jam up the streets around De Avila. And the shuttle buses run really empty. We love the way CCSF encourages native plantings. Softens those hard, pastel edges. Can't wait to see what they do to Portsmouth Square.

Media: new rumors that the Haight Ashbury Free Press will reappear online. Again.

What's the rush? Eleven years to get the landmark Third Church of Christ, Scientist turned into senior housing? Ready for occupancy in June for peeps 62 and older who meet income requirements. Not a moment too soon. Call the number on your screen: 415-986-7285 (message actually worth listening to.)
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