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Post Mid-Century

2190 Broadway, on the market a few days. A three-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath unit on the third floor described as a "total redo." The views are open but low, and there's a terrace for your friends who have to smoke. The building's called The Panorama, built in 1973, and possibly designed by Joseph Esherick or EHDD, but that's unverified. Interiors currently maintaining a respectable but nonetheless disco-era vibe which should be easy enough to erase.

Located smack between the Hamlin School and the Convent of the Sacred Heart, 2190 is the perfect location if you have a weakness for nuns or go to a lot of weddings, and perhaps less so when the valet parking's under your bedroom window. Otherwise, a big, bland apartment with high ceilings, a fireplace, and decor old enough you won't mind tearing it all out. Floor plans should be up soon on the agent's site, plus info on the MLS. $3,195,000 or just under $1K per square foot.
· 2190 Broadway [Malin Giddings/Monica Pauli TRI CB]
· 2190 Broadway [MLS]