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Open House Report: Eichler in Palo Alto

From a friend of Curbed SF who's selling his Palo Alto Eichler:

I'm moving from Palo Alto to New York and selling my Eichler house, for which I was designer and GC for a whole house remodel starting in 2000. Having been a teenage modernist whose favorites were Neutra and Schindler and whose 15 year old mind was altered forever when my family then moved from the east coast into another Palo Alto Eichler, I really understand these houses. So when I was able to purchase the worst Eichler on the block (in Palo Verde), I had a strong vision about remodeling it for the 21st century.Although some purists might quibble with the painted ceilings and beams, no matter, it's good to see an Eichler that hasn't had a bad Tuscan kitchen renovation or garage doors with fanlights. Nice job of marketing online (click on picture to enter) includes floor plan and vintage Eichler images. Open Saturday and Sunday, April 21 and 22,
12 to 5PM. $1,195,000.00
· 3451 Greer Road, Palo Alto [Ken DeLeon, Keller Williams]