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In The Nabes: Drunks, You'll Never Park in the Haight Again, More Drunks

SoMa: more upset about the Hole in the Wall. In a classic moment of Gay NIMBY, seems the owner of Stompers, the fetish footwear store on Tenth Street, is one of the principal agitators against the bar's relocation to Folsom Street. Seems people can shop in his store but must par-tay elsewhere. Rumors of a boycott. Cut back on those Fluevogs, girl? And quoting that great American drunk/Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill,

all politics is localthe "Democratic hacks" with ambitions to be Supervisor in District 6 have starting duking it out in Curbed comments.
· Bar Wars [SFBG]
· The Enemy of Fun [Curbed SF] The Haight: upshot of a pleasant but sparsely attended meeting is that you will never park your car in The Haight again. CCSF may have moved most of its classes to the De Avila school, but there's more to come, plus summer school, and within a few months the CCSF parking lots north of the Panhandle will be gone. Meaning hundreds of students in cars looking for parking during the week on the previously quiet streets. On the weekends, of course, Haight Street reverts to it's position as tourist and shopping mecca, a gridlock of rental cars and SUV's.

CCSF is also negotiating with the DMV to "sequester" parking in the DMV lot at Oak and Baker for faculty and staff, shuttling them to deAvila. Cool. We can't wait to see the dozens of freaked-out visitors to the DMV looking for street parking as well. Supervisor Mirkarimi said a neighborhood petition for permit parking did not have enough signatories to pass. Probably because the worst is yet to come; the CCSF peeps admitted they had no idea how long their seismic upgrades at the John Adams campus would take. No one suggested paving the Panhandle.
· Got Haight? [Curbed SF]

[Booze-a-hol Update: there will be no alcohol at this year's 40th Haight Street Fair. No booze permits issued for street vendors and merchants have agreed to pull it from their shelves for the event. ]