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Two on Pacific

A friend of Curbed SF sent a link to two Sotheby's listings on Pacific Avenue, pointing out that these were the last two vacant lots in Pacific Heights. Which is probably correct, not taking into account the number of demolitions that seem to routinely take place in that neighborhood. One of the houses is nearing completion, above, and they've done a good job of integrating the house with its neighbors to the north, their gables tumbling downhill to the collection of brown-shingled houses on the Presidio wall. Plus such luxurious features as a roof-top hot tub off the master suite; not so much a master suite as a master floor. The house has over 8K square feet, not including the garage, $12M. The other listing is a francophone stucco number slightly uphill at 3100 Pacific Avenue by Sandy Walker. Crazy. High-priced prose:

The capacious Master Suite unfolds in layers from the buffer of a private vestibule, to the sanctuary of the soaking tub and steam room.Makes you just want to burst out into haiku. Or Sondheim. $15M, with a rooftop hot tub accessible by elevator.
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