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Price Chopper: The Open House Report

U Save $1.150M in Berkeley if you buy this renovated John Hudson Thomas (click through to open houses.) It had a wacky floorplan to begin with- Thomas may have designed the house but it's put on a few sheds and shacks over the years. And what had been a classic Berkeley brown shingle is now many shades of grey. Was $5M, now $3.85M. Love that earth-water-fire-air thing they have going on in the master bath, above. Our candidate for the most insensitive renovation of 2007, managing to make a McMansion out of a moleskin. No idea where the garage is, but damn it's a long march up from the street to the front door. Open Sunday 2-4.
· 683 Santa Barbara Road, Berkeley [Grubb Company]

Back in San Francisco: the evergreen listing at 21 Buena Vista, a previously grand Victorian, has been variously on the market in 2006 (for 133 days) between around $4.5 and $5 million, and now it's back, but down to $4.25M. Crazy huge, replete with a North Garage and a South Garage. No master suite, but relax, there's a Master Floor. With a Grooming Room instead of a mere bathroom. Strictly from Home Depot. Open Sunday 2-4.
· 21 Buena Vista Avenue [Harry Clarke/Zephyr via MLS]
· Win Some Lose Some [Curbed SF, 2nd item]