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Shockley Labs, Nopales $1.29 a Pound

{Photo credit: YLEM]

We're a little too close, timeline-wise, to the bricks and mortar of Digital Old Testament. We don't treasure them yet; archaeologists don't devote their careers to finding them. But in 1957 William Shockley began Shockley Labs, the "first silicon device and research manufacturing company in Silicon Valley." Shockley had wandered across the desert, escaping the evil Pharoah at Bell Labs in New Jersey, to settle in the warm, dry fruit orchards of the South Bay. A few years later, some of his tribespersons rebelled and went off to worship at a new place they called Fairchild. And from Fairchild's loins sprang Intel. Meanwhile, in a garage further up the Peninsula... anyway, Shockley's old lab is now a Mountainview fruit and vegetable stand, and there are some who worry about its future.
· A conductor of history [SF Gate]