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McMansion Alert: The Double-Gated

Double-gated sounds like something a urologist might be able to help with, but at Shiloh in Sonoma County, double-gated is the latest thing in secure living. Shiloh! Did they name this after someone's beagle? Then there's that other Shiloh, the one where thousands of Union and Confederate soldiers tasted the bitter edge of the infinity pool, but that was nowhere near Healdsburg. Is Double-gated code for adequate protection from the crazed meth-heads ravaging Sonoma County?

Housewise, we've seen some big ones, but this is crazy. Many thousands of square feet, enough granite in the kitchen to re-do Mt Rushmore, a raised platform in the living room for the grand piano and much, much more. Room for a heliport. $5.5M
·: 6097 Shiloh Ridge, Santa Rosa [BAREIS]