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I Rent, Therefore I Am

The New York Times takes a look at the eternal conundrum. No, not Gay Marriage. Should I Rent or Should I Buy? will be seen by future generations as our great struggle.

For the now, the smart kids at The Times are advising caution. Suddenly houses and condos are not the sterling investment that realtors and mortgage "brokers" have been touting. And the National Association of Realtors gets a few sharp elbows, with The Times hinting that their members, along with NAR economist David Lereah, are partly to blame for what now appear to be unreasonable expectations. Seems the NAR is still running radio spots with their "now is the best time to buy" mantra. Because dammit if you keep renting, they'll all be working at Starbucks again. But at least for now you can go to dinner parties and hold your head up high and say "I rent!" and look like a total catch.
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