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One Walt Too many

Lots of reasons to thank Evelyn and Walter Haas. Crissy Field would not have happened without their generous gift. There's also that wonderful new-ish playground between Diamond Heights and Glen Park. So we were happy to read that they've given another gift to complete some big park projects. Tucked away in the Chronicle's verbiage about non-Haas ventures in the park:

A museum celebrating the life of Walt Disney is slated for the Main PostWTF? Mickey and Minnie cavorting on the Parade Ground. Think of the t-shirts. Only if we get a Fassbinder filmverbildung. And moving at the warp-speed that only our government is capable, bids are out to rebuild the burned-out Warming Hut at Crissy Field. In the meantime, the intrepid folks from Let's Be Frank are selling hot dogs and drinks in front of the blackened ruins on weekends.
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