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Best Disclaimer, Ever

We were looking at Socketsite this morning, and clicked through to The Montgomery, a condo project that like others, has assumed "The" into its print identity. In a previous incarnation known as the Call Building, described in San Francisco Architecture as "anchored at each end by a well-composed and richly detailed classical pavilion." The fact that it's on New Montgomery Street instead of Montgomery Street should inflict years of cab driver confusion.

The floor plan porn at The Montgomery is only so-so; the penthouse (above) is the coolest. What's really got us excited was the disclaimer. Instead of the usual fine print about approximate dimensions, blah blah blah, we get the gracefully succinct

Floor plans are artist's concept, and accuracy cannot be guaranteedSo forget about suing over square footage, or that missing kitchen- this was done by Artist! Equally enthralling is the Junior One Bedroom, so junior it is entirely lacking a bedroom altogether. Perhaps if you buy it early enough it will grow a den, just like its dad, the One Bedroom With Den, a unit with a big windowless space, presumably for all your junk, plus a bedroom without a wall and a very clever closet that joins the kitchen to the bathroom. Edgy and convenient! Website is mute on the number of units, prices and the identity of the developer. Blame Artist.
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