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The Low-Rent Youtube

From our friends at Inman News, more push media, more hours of time wasted: the new real estate, video and map mashup GooTube. Although you really might have to get wasted to find it funny, it's full of unintended sight gags, like the narrator saying "built for entertaining" while panning across a ginormous and clearly sturdy king-size bed.

It's not "real" video, It's a realtor's low-rent Youtube. They can't be embedded, although each one has a URL. The video is the work of VideoEgg, panning across snapshots to the dulcet tones of a porn loop. Soundtrack with narration seemingly all by the same humorless woman, intoning magical realtor-speak, silently screaming all the while "this is why I went to RADA?" NSFW: houses are not staged.

Clumsy link to Zillow goes to their home page rather than the house itself. Gootube is a Filipino-based site specializing in US real estate. Presumably plans to go planetary are afoot.
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