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Russian Hill, C.1861

From 1861, and redecorated a few time since, 930 Chestnut Street. For decades the home of the late Mary Heath Keesling, an early supporter of San Francisco modern artists, the Art Institute, and the nascent SFMoMA, to which she donated furniture by interior designer John Dickinson. Various Dickinson pieces appear in the listing images, including a version of his galvanized tin and brass console table, an example of which recently realized $45,600 at auction, just one reason why there will be no open houses. We spotted a Sam Francis, but most of the artists crowded onto Mrs. Keesling's salmon-pink walls remain resolutely local and unknown. Also unknown is the ultimate fate of the buyer's car, since the house lacks a garage. At $3,300,000, currently the most expensive house on the market in San Francisco without a garage.

Landscape by the great Tommy Church. As our friend and colleague CoCo said: "One of the most perfectly preserved Church gardens I've seen. They're so simple most people just can't resist the urge to fuck them up."
· 930 Chestnut Street [Robert Levy/McGuire via MLS]
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