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Rumblings and Bumblings

[Photo Credit: Hooker Cribs on Treat, Mattymatt via Flickr]

You asked, we asked, some of you answered. And we thank you.

Treat Street project? "Those of us who live in the Box Factory (the green building visible in the pic) have been dealing with the bumblings of these jerks for almost two years now. I should be happy with a lively new building helping to clean up Crack Ho Alley, but they torn down the old Mission Police Station horse stables to build. BOOO! We fought hard to save the historic structure (even had the help of Tracy Chapman at one of the planning meetings) but Sir Peskin would have none of it. The demolition happened literally months before the building would have reached 100 years old and gained some amount of historic protection. It's some kind of creative incubator. So, we were right. Hooker cribs.

In Cole Valley, Clayton & 17th? The neighbors are thinking condos.

Soma hotels? "Joie de Vivre is converting a group of cheap hotels near 7th and
Mission into a boutique hotel" plus a link.