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It's the Cheese!

[Photo credit: Our World Travels]

Californians love their dairy. But milk and cheese are not the only potentially consumable end result of the state's huge cow population. Aside from burgers, that is. As we found out from the Dwell Blog, there's also Cow Power:

Here's how it works: Currently three farms (with three more to join the program sometime this year) shovel all their cow manure (up to 30 gallons a day, per cow) into sealed concrete tanks. Each tank mimics a cow's stomach, using bacteria to break down the waste and to produce methane. The gas is then pumped into a fuel engine that keeps an electric generator running, and the electricity produced is then filtered to the grid. All very tidy, and very efficient.Locally, PG&E is getting into the act. And not a moment too soon. Because shit, we've got a lot of cows. And if we can extract one more product out of a sentient being, we should. Forget Al Gore. The cows will save us.
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