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April Fool's Day Open House Preview, #2

Great moments in kitchen design, His N' His (or Her N' Her's, lifestyle choice yours) Viking stoves with matching hoods. Willing to share the knives and microwave, but the Ove-Glove hanging over a burner looks to us like just plain over-confident. Wallpaper? Someone has a yen for shiny surfaces, and not just in the kitchen. Go see for yourself- it's open Sunday April 1 from 2-4. You'd think for $2.2M they'd move out and stage the place. But no. Pluses: appears to have potential rental on the ground floor, is detached on three sides, already has 3.5 baths. Near Bush Street, in a neighborhood referred to by Mapquest as "Little Osaka." Who knew.
· 1703 Octavia Street [Davis Baskin/TRI via MLS]
· 1703 Octavia Street [Google]