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April Fool's Day Open House Preview #1

In our email this morning from a friend of Curbed:

I drove by a new listing in St. Francis Wood on San Leandro Way - Probate sale at 1,195,000. Beautiful block and I thought it was my lucky day because the next door neighbor was going in and allowed me to see it with her. Owner was a woman who died a few weeks ago at age 101. And time had stopped about fifty years ago in this house! Neighbor turned out to be a realtor -- when I asked her how much she thought it would take to bring back to life, she thought $500K. Next...The house in question, 36 San Leandro Drive, above, a kind of Monterey Colonial-meets-Georgian hybrid, is open Sunday April 1. $1.195M plus $500K and eighteen months.
· 36 San Leandro Way [Vera Kopilenko /ReMax via MLS]
· 36 San Leandro Way [Google Maps]