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17 Reasons

Anyone remember the 17 Reasons sign that towered over Mission Street in all its mysterious grey glory? How fast we forget. The sign was recreated as a prop for the finale of Showtime's The L Word; film-maker and archivist Jenni Olson gives us some backstory:

The legendary 17 Reasons sign (which was so elegantly recreated in a scaled-down replica by the L Word props department for the Season 4 Finale) was one of the most treasured landmarks of San Francisco’s Mission District until it was surreptitiously torn down in May 2002 and replaced by a thirty-three foot square illegal billboard (which continues to be leased by San Francisco outdoor signage company Foster Media Inc.)The sign came down but the pieces were rescued, awaiting reassembly somewhere. Lots more story, pics and links here.
· 17 Reasons [Guestbians/Our Chart]